Let’s face it, life these days can be pretty stressful. With the fast pace in which we now live our technology-laden lives, we’ve forgotten the simple things as a society. Here at ZenGreenLife, we want to bring those back. From simple breakfasts to healthy living and tree poses, we want to help you build harmony.

We believe life doesn’t have to be so chaotic and that there is time to stop and smell the roses — and you should. You must!

ZenGreenLife helps you find the peace and balance your very nature craves. We concentrate on good food, healthy bodies, and stress-free moments. By packaging these together in ways that you can easily read and incorporate them into your lives.

We know you’re busy, but you can’t be too busy to take care of you. We promise that once you achieve that balance and take that time for yourself, filling your body and life with positivity and peace, you’ll feel happier than you can imagine.

So, browse around at your leisure and take ZenGreenLife’s advice to stop, breathe, and just be.

And, of course, ZenGreenLife wouldn’t even be possible without our dedicated team of people who believe in our mission of joy.

Denise HixonSandra HillisCrystal Pena

Denise HixonPublic Relations Manager

Denise Hixon has been a yoga instructor for the past 20 years. She started her journey in a small town off the Oregon coast. The beach has always been her favorite place to hold her classes because it’s where she feels most at peace. She believes ZenGreenLife can make a real difference in everyone’s life, and that’s why she’s been gracious enough to take this position.

In order to be the face of ZenGreenLife, we think it’s important to walk the walk if you talk the talk — and Denise does that and more. Whatever we happen to be working on in our communities, she brings that mission to the forefront and lets you know exactly what we’re doing. Most importantly, she gets the word out about how you can be involved. She is vital in spreading the ZenGreenLife message.

Email: denise@zengreenlife.com

Sandra HillisChief Editor

Sandra Hillis started out covering political events and hobnobbing with decision-makers in New York City, until one day she nearly had a nervous breakdown from all the stress and decided it was time for a change. In order for her to relax, she joined her mom at a yoga class upstate and she was hooked. But what would she do with all of her writing talent?

That’s right, she brought it here to ZenGreenLife. Sandra makes sure every piece that you read is full to busting with helpful information to assist you in a joyous life. She figures if the ZenGreenLife content changes one day in one person’s life half as much as it’s changed hers, it will all be worth it. So, know that when you’re reading ZenGreenLife, you’re reading the best content we can possibly produce. The goal? Your happiness.

Email: sandra@zengreenlife.com

​Crystal PenaAdministrative Officer

As you can imagine, running a site like ZenGreenLife is challenging. Lucky for us, we have Crystal Pena. She keeps us moving behind the scenes, and if you thing that’s a small task — it’s not. That’s right, it’s not always zen here at ZenGreenLife. We live in the real world with the stresses and chaos.

But Crystal is a faithful reader. In fact, once a week, she brings in a healthy relaxing breakfast for us all to share. And when her organization is zigging instead of zagging, she takes a break under the giant oak tree across the street in the park for some quiet meditation.

Email: crystal@zengreenlife.com