The food supplement industry has seen a steep rise in business in recent years. This is because people are becoming more health-conscious, especially about food. The birth of BoKU Superfood was because of the founders noticing a shortcoming in the supplements present in the market at the time. At a personal level, they wanted products that would provide families with optimum health; being parents themselves. Following years of research on plants and other food products, they came up with a superfood that founded on a broad spectrum of nutrient-dense foods. BoKU International was born in 2007. Experts in detoxification and homeopathic medicines form the backbone of BoKU Superfoods. Next is a look at the BoKu superfood reviews to help you make the best purchasing decisions.

Some of the most reputable doctors prepared its formulation. This includes Dr. Jameth Sheridan who created the green drink that goes by the naame Vita Mineral Green. Many people are familiar with this drink. Also, BoKU ingredients are well categorized to help you understand what the formula consists of.

​Boku Superfood Review Consensus

Boku superfood has received rave reviews by its numerous satisfied consumers. It scores both in taste and health benefits as the following BoKu Superfood reviews consensus shows:


I feel better after using this product consistently for the last three months. As a premenopausal woman, I thought I would never regain energy and lose weight…I work out now five days a week with an abundance of energy.

​The ingredients are healthy and well selected. The fact that they are purely organic makes them ideal for just anyone. BoKU Superfood powder has represented the big three, which include algae, grasses, and vegetables very well. The only odd thing about the BoKU Superfoods formula is the absence of wheatgrass, but the sprouts somehow make up for that deficit. They are very healthy.

  • ​The thought of adding mushrooms is also wise because they are full of antioxidants, which are a much-necessary supplement. The BoKU Superfoods formula contains 14 different mushrooms that blend to create more than 1,100 mg.
  • ​BoKU Superfood has added super fruits to their formula, which their users seem to appreciate. The more than 15 fruits offer many health benefits.
  • ​They didn’t forget to include Maca Root in this BoKU Superfoods which is famed for its many benefits including a healthy skin and better sexual health. It also increases energy levels.
  • The fact that this product is processed in small batches means that they give attention to detail and, therefore, it is highly likely that its nutrient content is dense. Also, they provide you with fresh ingredients.
  • The only complaints are that a BoKU drink serving provides only 9 grams of superfoods and it contains fewer probiotics than most similar green drinks.

BoKU Product Profile

  • Product Name: BoKU Superfoods;
  • ​Company Name: BoKU;
  • Website: BoKU LoveLife;
  • Owner: Lynn Rolle;
  • Price: $49.95;
  • Product Description: Green Superfood Drink Powder.

​To prepare a Boku drink, you can either add the powder to smoothies, shakes or mixed in plain water. Although you will have some floating particles after the preparation of the Boku superfood powder, the product goes down very well, unlike most supplements that need sweetening. This makes the BoKU drink ideal for instances when you don’t have time or energy to prepare a smoothie.

​BoKU Drink Taste, Quantity Value, and Price

You must be asking how BoKU Superfood powder tastes. Well, this superfood is intense on your taste buds, although for some, it could leave them feeling nostalgic. BoKU Superfood is made with a lot of algae and juice extracts, leaving it with a swampy, earthy tasting powder. If you don’t like the earthy taste of the BoKu superfood powder, you can add some fruits or yogurt to make it more palatable.

BoKU Superfood powder is a bit on the higher end of the price range. A 30-day supply goes for around $50. The recommended dose is 9 grams per serving. According to many users, this is a small dose, and may even go for two scoops instead of one. The negative thing about this BoKU drink is that you will have to dig deeper into your pockets and maybe fail to get enough potency as with other green drinks on the market. Look out for more BoKU Superfood reviews online so that you can make a more informed decision on whether to buy it or not.

The upside, though is that you will be getting more greens into your body with the BoKu drink. This is one way of ensuring that you get the required greens into your body.

This BoKU superfood is a bit pricey, but many users feel that, compared to other supplements, it is not the most expensive one. With other supplements, you can get the same quantity for lesser money. Some even offer discounts of up to 15%.

​Side Effects

Although BoKU Superfoods are made from 100% organic ingredients, you should be wary of any adverse effects. Always check with your physician for any risks associated with any dietary supplements that could harm your health.

  • ​Allergies are long term conditions, and so, you should refrain from consuming the BoKu Superfood Powder if it triggers your allergies. This information is gathered from many other BoKU Superfood reviews.
  • ​Different people react differently to dietary supplements. So, as per many BoKU Superfood reviews, this supplement is not guaranteed to give you positive results.
  • ​Before adding any new supplement to your diet, go for a test first to determine whether the supplement agrees with your body.
  • If you are a pregnant or a lactating mother, consult with your doctor before taking BoKU This is because whatever the mother makes goes to the baby. So, it could be harmful to them since their systems are not yet fully developed to digest such foods.

​To Sum It Up

BoKU Superfood is a green drink that is very beneficial to you. It consists of over 50 great ingredients that include digestive enzymes. According to as the BoKu superfood reviews, it is 100% organic, making it safe for everyone.

After all, has been said and done, BoKU Superfood has been found to be a good supplement. So, if you can afford it, go ahead and purchase it for healthier living.

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