If you’re like us, you have no interest in re-living your 20s. But then again, you wouldn’t mind recapturing some of that skin elasticity…and that metabolism. Let’s not even get started on the limitless energy you used to have.

Fortunately, there’s no need to wait for the invention of time travel to get back some of the things you miss about your younger days.

By committing to a youthful aging process today, you can turn back the clock on the way you look and feel.

The best part is that a youthful aging process doesn’t rely on hokey advice or expensive products – it’s all natural. Get involved now, and you’ll not only start seeing the benefits immediately, but you’ll also slow down the aging process earlier, allowing you to turn all your years into your best years.

We’ll show you how.

The Reverse Aging Process: How to Look and Feel Half Your Age

It’s now how you look on the outside – it’s how you feel on the inside, right?

While that’s a mantra we should all repeat, it doesn’t hurt to want to reflect the way you feel in your appearance.

We’ve put together tips for caring for both the way you look and the way you feel. You’ll find that caring for your skin and body and caring for your health and well-being often complement each other in important ways.

Care for Your Skin

There’s no better time than the present to start caring for your skin. Even if you’ve neglected it until now, you can still reverse the aging process to repair your skin and prevent any damage from growing worse.

Here are the best ways to do it.

Wear Sunscreen Every Single Day

Wearing sunscreen needs to become a daily habit, not just something you do on vacation or during the summer.

Believe it or not, sun damage occurs even if you haven’t seen the sun. Rain or shine, clouds don’t block the ultraviolet rays responsible for skin damage and even skin cancer.

Most of us balk at the idea of wearing sunscreen every single day, but because of the advancements in skin care, it’s not hard. Today’s sunscreen is compatible – and even included in – moisturizers, BB creams, and foundation for protection.

Body sunscreen also comes in many different textures making it easy to slap on a layer without looking like a certain friendly ghost.

So, get in the habit of brushing your teeth and then applying sun lotion. You’ll prevent further damage to your skin, and your future self will thank you.

Avoid Tanning

Tanning is the difference between youthful aging and anxiously trying to return the clock.

Why? Because despite what all the creams and potions tell you, the best way to engage in an anti-aging skin care routine is to prevent the damage from occurring in the first place.

Tanning means purposely exposing your skin the same radiation that speeds up the aging process. Excess tanning leads to discoloration while also damaging your collagen and elastin levels.

It not only creates uneven skin tone but it prevents your skin from fighting off lines and wrinkles from an early age.

So, if you have a tanning habit, stop now. If you spend plenty of time outdoors (and you should – it’s good for you), apply a quality sunscreen, wear sunglasses, and even consider investing in some UVB protected clothing for extra help blocking those rays.

Want the glow without the damage? Like sunscreen, self-tanners continue to reach new heights in efficacy and convenience.

Don’t Be Afraid of Vanity

How we look on the outside ultimately plays a role in how we feel on the inside. Looking and feeling bad doesn’t support youthful aging.

While we’re often told to be afraid of vanity, there’s no reason not to do a little something special to take care of yourself.

Get a manicure. Color your hair. Indulge in a fancy moisturizer or mask. All these things feel good and help us feel confident at every stage in life.

Care for Your Overall Health

Caring for your skin directly gives you a grace period as you age, but there are so many other factors involved in youthful aging. The most important factor is your overall health.

Youthful aging requires focusing on maintaining your physical health by getting rid of bad habits and putting a renewed focus on good ones. Not only will these tips help you feel younger, but they help you look younger, too.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is the easiest way to damage your skin…and the rest of your body.

Smoking deprives your skin of the nutrients and oxygen it needs to repair itself and maintain a younger look. It goes even further by destroying collagen and elastin, the two fibers that keep your skin strong and elastic.

Stop smoking today for a fighting chance at protecting your skin tomorrow and avoiding all the other negative consequences of cigarettes.

Eat for Health, Not for Weight

For many of us, battling body image is a life-long struggle that doesn’t always get easier as we get older.

Although it’s often said, you should eat for your health rather than focusing solely on your weight.

Yo-yo dieting and diets that progress to full-blown eating disorders take an enormous toll on your entire body. You might lose weight, but the feast-and-famine style of eating ages your skin and hair. It also prevents you from getting the nutrients you need, which becomes more important as you grow older.

One way to focus on eating for health is to start with healthy food before allowing an indulgence.

Start by drinking plenty of water and add one fruit or vegetable to every meal or snack. From there, you’ll be more inclined to make healthy choices without feeling like you’re missing out.

Have a sweet tooth? Don’t miss out on your favorite foods. As long as you make healthy choices most of the time, you’re free to indulge and enjoy when you want.

Get Some Exercise

Fitness is the ultimate anti-aging trick.

It improves how you feel, how you move, how you look and prevents an incredible number of troubles we face as we get older.

There’s no wrong way to exercise as long as you’re doing it safely and with the correct form. Whether you’re interested in Pilates, Crossfit, or a good old-fashioned walk, every movement and step help keep you looking and feeling young.

Care for Your Well-Being

Caring for your appearance and physical health solve many of the problems we face as we grow older. But your well-being is important at every stage in your life, and it should never be left out of a holistic approach to youthful aging.

Get More Sleep

Getting a full seven hours of sleep is never more important than when you’re trying to achieve youthful aging.

It fixes your energy, metabolism, mental sluggishness, and even your skin.

Preparing to get more sleep often isn’t as simple as going to bed earlier. For many, it means fixing bad habits like drinking too much caffeine, keeping screens in your bedroom, and learning how to wind down.

Whatever you need to do to get there, the seven hours of sleep you get will do more for anti-aging than almost anything else.

Keep Your Brain Young

Mental function changes as we grow older but forgetting our glasses on top of our head every day isn’t mandatory.

Prioritizing mental stimulation through activities like reading, learning and problem-solving maintains and even improves your mental dexterity. Together with getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and exercising, engaging in brain twisters or learning something new keeps your brain young and sharp.


The final important way to focus on your well-being is to tackle the elephant in the room: stress.

Chronic stress increases your risk of heart disease, weight gain, and places undue pressure on your central nervous system. In addition to your physical health, chronic stress may even cause early aging by accelerating cellular aging.

According to the University of California at San Francisco, even anticipating stress may trigger aging.

Now is the time to create a stress-free lifestyle for yourself. You may even find it complements all your other efforts including healthy eating, exercise, and getting more sleep.

Live Your Best Life Now

What is the aging process? In most cases, age is nothing but a number, and what really matters is whether you feel as good as you look and look as good as you feel.

Youthful aging means focusing not just on your appearance – though, that’s important, too – and refocusing on your overall health and wellness. You don’t need expensive treatments or therapies. Creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle is a natural process that requires only personal investment.

By focusing on these youthful aging habits, you’ll continue to look and feel your best at any age.

What are your favorite youthful aging tips? Share your stories in the comments below.