Life was just getting in the way and I needed a quiet nurturing spot to relax and wash the stresses of life away.

So, I decided to create my own little backyard oasis.

I have never regretted installing  a Zen garden.

We got architectural drawings from landscapers and I chose my own personal theme. It has rocks, water features, moss, pruned trees and bushes.

But, I am a gardener, so I included some of my favorite flowering plants as well.

The results were breathtaking.

Every morning I get to enjoy my Zen garden and it has drawn some chirpy neighbors form around my community.

The bird songs are thrilling and there are humming birds galore. They have all squatted illegally, in some tree or other.

To accommodate them, I had my landscaper install a few birdbaths.

Makes me feel like singing to the song, “The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music”.

How to Make Use of Zen Garden

Building a Zen garden and incorporating a gazebo was the best decision I made when I changed the landscape of the backyard. Before, the boisterous weeds, dandelions and dry patches of grass overran the space.

Family Gatherings

My Zen garden is a great place for family gatherings.

In the summer and late spring, we set up outdoor picnics, have late evening dinners and enjoy the company and love shared among friends and family members.

Quiet Place to Work

I also find that it is a great place to work.

Sometimes, I have projects that need a still, calming place. An area that encourages my creativity to flow and there is no better place to do that, than outside, under my gazebo in my Zen garden.

My imagination runs wild in this, my wonderland, and I can create characters or finish up a tedious paper, with little effort.

I can envision my characters having conversations or taking time out to figure out their next move when faced with a dilemma.

The Zen garden is the idle location for when I want to get over my writer’s block.

Hosting a Wedding Ceremony

My sister loved my idyllic garden space so much that she renewed her vows in our backyard.

The ceremony was perfect.

We lined the path with soft rose petals. There was no need to order flowers or decorations because the garden was ripe with vibrant flowers in high spring.

The pictures were excellent. The memories long lasting and my garden, perfect. A private spot filled with the love of family and friends.

I enjoyed the opportunity to host the ceremony.

Soon, I got buffeted by requests to host more ceremonies. But, only for family, I said.

Lively Birthday Parties

Our granddaughter celebrated her 21st birthday last spring, and we hosted a surprise birthday party in my Zen garden.

She was in awe at how we transformed the landscape.

We capitalized on the “Alice in Wonderland” Theme.

With a dozen of her closest friends in attendance and family members, we managed to fit 20 people.

The party went on well into the night, as no one wanted to leave.

The soft lights casted by the jack-o-lantern were captivating. Guests danced and swayed to old jazz songs. There was nothing more perfect.

Again, I entertained more requests for hosting events. Again, I said only for family.

Charity Sunday Brunch

My charity organization had a cancellation a couple years ago.

We planned to have a brunch and raise funds for my favorite charity, however, the location got the dates mixed up and we were out. No worries, I said.

I would just open up my Zen garden sanctuary.

It was the talk of the town for the next year. We used small genteel tables to place around the Zen garden.

The self-serve buffet and microphone stand were located inside the gazebo, making them the focal point.

Book Club Meetings

Who wouldn’t want to discuss inspiring novels and old stories in this bit of heaven?

Every month, my book club meets on Wednesday nights for a bit of chocolate tea, vegan smoothie, and literature.

Last month, we discussed Jane Eyre and her legacy.

Nothing was more perfect.

With lively discussion, friendly banter, and rich discourse about our favorite author, no one could ask for more.

With pleasure, we selected a date for next month’s meeting, and identified another literary giant to enjoy and dissect. Rosie my dear friend makes the best chocolate tea.

Enjoy your Zen Garden

Do not let the stresses of life get you down.

A Zen garden is the perfect way to develop your own little getaway area in your backyard.

At times, yes, you can share it with loved ones and friends. After all, relaxing and sharing special memories is so much better with dear friends and the ones you love.