Never before has the issue of climate change and environmental protection been at the forefront of our minds.

We live in a time when oceans, rivers, lakes, and ponds are inundated with filth, plastic garbage, and other kinds of human waste.

This directly affects marine wildlife, our water sources, and our weather patterns.

Not just human waste is of concern. But, it is also how we create more carbon dioxide than the planet can safely contain without affecting the ozone layer, and changing weather patterns.

Over the last decade, humanity has experienced changes in weather patterns all over the globe. Great floods, scorching heat, and bitter winters are now a reality for people, who have never experienced the like.

But is it too late?

Ways to Embrace Living Green

Is it too late to turn back the tides and make changes to our destructive behavior?

Many think that it is possible.

Scores of countries and government leaders have come to an agreement about the way forward. They signed treaties and accords to symbolize a union. However, the change must start with the common man.

It will take every one of us on the planet to make a difference.

So let’s start in our homes. Here are the ways you can start living green:


One of the biggest initiatives we have in America today is recycling.

Garbage collection now allows us to separate out plastic, paper and glass from other disposables. Manufacturers then use those items and re-purpose them at various plants across the country.

Often times, different producers will purchase certain items, like plastic bottles and manufacture them into a new product.

(Or you may also want to consider upcycling.)

Use a High-Efficiency Showerhead

Another way, in which we experience a lot of waste, is by our water use.

This primarily happens in the bathroom.

Therefore, invest in a high-efficiency showerhead. This will minimize the amount of water that literally goes down the drain.

By the end of the year, you would save over 3000 gallons of water and thousands of dollars on your utility bills across your lifetime.

Your direct actions will ensure that there is 1000 pounds less carbon dioxide in the environment.

Get a Bucket

Oftentimes, we allow the shower to run until we find the perfect temperature, before taking a shower.

How about catching that excess water and reusing it to either flush the toilet or water your garden?

Save Your Food Scrapes

We throw out hundreds of pounds of food scrapes every year, per household.

However, if you have a garden, you are wasting money and natural resources. Start composting for your garden mulch next spring.

This is a great way to cut down the cost of buying mulch every year and you will have the richest nutrients for your plants.

Grow Your Own

The “grow your own food” and “eat what you grow” initiatives are growing every year.

People are even living in communities that allow them to share the responsibility of taking care of a farm or food garden.

In this way, they are saving on grocery costs and living an all-natural and healthier lifestyle.

Use Solar Energy

Solar is quite popular these days and manufacturers are catching on.

There are so many solar products out there on the market.

You have solar panels for your roof, or even to place by your window. There are solar roof tiles. And, there are garden lights and perimeter lights that are solar powered.

The inventions just keep coming.

You can look up your favorite retailer online and see what options they carry in your city or town. As well as, you can go online and Google different living green products.

Change out Your Old Bulbs

One of the first initiatives that we know about is low-usage bulbs.

These LED bulbs allowed families to lessen their energy usage over time.

It is still a great way to live green.

A lot of the times, we have three to five rooms lit up with lights, when they are not being used. Outside lights not included.

Eventually, you will notice that they pay for themselves.


Do not dispose of your glass bottles.

Save them and reuse them. You can sterilize them with hot water and use them to store different liquids.

Even yet, purchase glass containers and visit stores that allow you to buy rice, flour, sugar, and other grocery in bulk and take away in your own containers.

This is a growing trend in many places.

Reuse your tote bags to carry groceries.

Stores like Giant, allow you to get tote bags. Just take them along every time you go to stock up on supplies.

Keep Learning about New Living Green Initiatives

Knowledge is power.

The more you learn about saving the environment, cutting down on gas emissions, recycling, and using less energy, the greater of an impact we will all have on the bottom line.

Do what you can, at home and when you travel to protect the environment.

After all, where will our children live if we destroy it?